Saturday, July 16, 2016

11 months

To my almost one-year-old...

You are fascinated by the remote controls. You will always find them and put them in your mouth and turn on the tv and change the settings to French.

You are not particularly interested in us reading to you. You can't sit still long enough.

You are constantly under the kitchen table putting little bits of food in your mouth. I wish I could say this has made me better at sweeping,

You will crawl over to the record player, stand on your tip toes and reach your little hand around the dial and turn on the radio and mess with the volume a bit and start dancing...and laughing...and screaming and turn the volume up even more to which Greta will say, "Too loud, Stella."

You love to jump in the bean bag with your big sister. You get on your knees, put your hands up high in the air and fall into it, just giggling. 

Oh, Stella! You are so much like your big sister. You gals know how to have a good time. Much like your Dad.

You are becoming quite the daddy's girl. You complain when he doesn't pick you up straight away after getting home from work. 

You have six teeth.

You point at everything.

You can stand unassisted for sometime.You have even taken a couple steps without realizing it.

You started clapping this week. You have been practicing while you nurse.

It's hard to recall last summer, but if I had to guess, you went on Papa's boat for the first time over the Fourth. You didn't much care for the life vest, but other than that, you enjoyed the ride.

You and I watched the fireworks together while Daddy put Greta to bed. You seemed mesmerized by them. 

You like baths again! I don't know what changed your mind...perhaps it was seeing everyone in the hot tub having a good time over the Fourth of July weekend? Whatever the reason, I am so grateful you don't scream anymore when I give you a bath.

You say "Dada", "Ge-ta", "bubble", "pop", "aw du" (all done), "hi" and occasionally, if the mood strikes you (if you are super upset), you say "Mama". 

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