Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To my One-and-a-half year old boy!

Oh, you are just so cute!

You love, love, love to play with your big brothers.  You especially love to play rambunctious and feel like a big kid, too.  Inevitably, it seems you always get hurt when you play that way.  But, your laughter goes on for miles when your brothers engage you.

You have changed so much this past month.

Your vocabulary has multiplied.  You have this look that says, "I know what you mean; but, I don't know what you mean" and you hold your hands out for emphasis.

You say, "Dada!"  You cry for me and say something like, "maaamama"
You have the absolutely most wonderful way of saying, "Uh ooh" (for Uh Oh).
You say, "Etch" (for "this" we think), "Ish" (for something you want to do),  and "Ilkkk" (for milk, but, like you are clearing your throat).  You say, "Up" (when you first started saying it, you said it only one time, very quietly and expected us to immediately oblige). 

You now also say, "Help"; and you want to help me with everything...putting clothes in the dryer, taking clothes out of the dryer, putting toys away.  I love it.

You say, "Appul" (Apple) and "nana" (Banana).

You eat anything I make in the food processor-liver pate, carob cake (yum!).  You seriously love pate.  No joke.  I love this.  This is SO good for you.  Keep loving it, sweets.

We took you sledding for the first time (one of the few times it actually snowed) and you loved it!  You kept eating the snow, though.

We are always reading books; so, you are always reading books.  But, forget about those board books...you want the books with pages!  LOL.

You have taken to pushing us where you want us to go. Or, sometimes grabbing our hand and pulling us.   You know how to get what you want, my little buddy!

You saw your brothers act like animals while wearing our hooded towels.  So, often you will "ask" (by pulling on it and grunting) us to pull it down for you and put it on you.  You think you are soooo cool.  And, you are, of course.

Forget about crawling up the stairs!  You like to take them walking like a big boy, holding onto the railing!  You still struggle with remembering to turn around going down; but, when you get going, you go pretty fast, sliding down.

Your brothers like to do calisthenics in the dining room; so, you entertain us all with your version of jumping jacks!  And, the sit-ups, oh so cute.

Just. stop. being. so. cute.  I'm kidding, of course.  We can't get enough of you.  We all adore you.  You are so lucky to have 4 such doting family members!  And, we are lucky to have YOU!

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