Monday, April 8, 2013

i think we will be very happy here.

It already feels like home yet we've only been here a week. We love our new neighborhood. We love our new home.

Jon and I were both feeling nostalgic about leaving our first apartment where we shared so many great memories...the spot between the dining room and the living room where he proposed...the moment we found out I was pregnant...the view of the clocktower from our porch where we spent so many nights just sitting and talking. I may have cried an entire day. Jon only got a little teary eyed for a moment.

A great friend cheered me up by telling me that I have so much to look forward to and will create so many more memories in our new home. And she's right. This is the first place where we will bring little Caterpillar home from the hospital. This is where we will become parents.

There's no doubt. I think we will be very happy here.

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