Monday, March 4, 2013

20 weeks

I am no longer at that weird "Is she pregnant or just kind of fat?" stage. I definitely look pregnant and am enjoying the all the perks which come with it. You were, right, Missy!

People are generally nicer to pregnant women. They give up their seats for you. They are quicker to offer help in any given circumstance. They are excited for you and it gives strangers an excuse to converse with you. (which I hate to admit I don't always like, but I'm trying) This outright kindness based purely on the fact that I'm carrying another human being inside of me is something I am not used to...but I like it and I could.

I only wish we could be this kind to anyone and everyone. Although pregnancy is not always easy, it's essential not to ignore the needs of others. Especially our partners.

I bought Jon a book, Yes, You're Pregnant, but What About Me? by Kevin Nealon. I only read the first 30 or so pages and it's hilarious. I also bought him The Expectant Father, which gives good advice, but Jon thinks the author is "kind of douchebag". However, he did highlight some pages in the book and was especially interested in investing in baby's future.

He is trying to be as involved as possible. I feel so lucky. I feel so blessed.

And now, the latest letters to baby...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It’s been a couple weeks now since the doctor moved my uterus. You did great and they say you are healthy, which was such a relief to me and your daddy.

When I went in for my post-op checkup, the nurse told me she had never seen such a beautiful baby. She said you were so photogenic. I was a little freaked out when you turned your head toward the ultrasound because your eyes looked about as big as your head, but the nurse laughed and assured me those were your entire eye sockets and not to worry.

On Valentines Day, I had a regular checkup with my doctor. She was so happy to see me feeling better. Her only concern was that my placenta is very low in my uterus, but again, they are hoping that it moves up as my uterus grows. I’m hoping that happens, too because I want to avoid a c-section. After all, the high-risk doctor told me that I have a nice wide pelvic bone, so I’d like for you to slide nicely through that. (When the high-risk doc first mentioned my wide hips, I said, “Well this whole labor and delivery should be a cakewalk, then.” The doctor laughed… I’m assuming because he agreed.)

I can feel you move more and more each day. You are a very active baby, my darling. At first, it was just a fluttering feeling, like my little caterpillar was becoming a little butterfly, but your movements now feel like you are doing somersaults in mama’s belly. I feel your kicks. I feel those pokes, and although it is not always comfortable, it makes me happy.

When I stand for any length of time, the blood pools in my legs, which make them hurt and I become dizzy, but I am going to pick up some special “socks” to wear so this isn’t such an issue.

We’re almost half-way there, little-one! We are so excited to meet you.



Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Sweet Caterpillar,

We visited your Gram and Papa today because Daddy and Papa have started to brew beer together, and they had some ale and pilsner which was ready to be bottled. Daddy dreams of someday doing this full-time.

Whenever I feel your movements and Daddy is around, he puts his hand to my belly and you immediately stop. But today, he finally felt you move. It was a special moment for him. It was a special moment for me, too.



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