Friday, October 9, 2015

2 months

First photo as a family of four

To my sweet two months.

You weigh 12lbs and are 24in tall!

You get the hiccups on a daily basis.

You are making more and more sounds each day. Your "goos" and "ohs" and "ahs" are music to my ears, my Plum. I love our "talks" at the changing table.

You love that little toy monkey just as much as your sister did when she was your age. You just stare into its big eyes and smile.

Oh, your smile! That smile could make just about anyone who crosses your path smile, too.

You flare your nostrils and shape your mouth into a perfect "o" when you pee or poop.

You are my super good sleeper. You take one long nap in the afternoon...usually for three or four hours and you have only been waking once in the night and you nurse and go right back to sleep. I love you for this! Especially because your sister is having trouble sleeping...oy!

You will sleep whenever you're in my wrap, too. You slept the entire time we were apple picking.

You are drooling and blowing bubbles and chewing on your little fists.

We all are so in love with you. When I pick you up, Greta often says, "No! Don't take my 'Stella!"

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