Tuesday, October 28, 2014

14 months

To my sweet Greta Maeve...at 14 months.

Your kisses give me strength. Seriously, the way you have been freely giving hugs and kisses to both your dada and I...it makes all other troubles and worries and being upset with you for something I specifically asked you not to do just melt away. You are forgiven always with a hug and kiss.

You have your grandpa's crooked halfway smile and unfortunately, your mama's pouty resting face.

You say, "mama, dada, hi, buh-bye, up, no-no" and various other things. "No-no" is the one most frequently used in your repertoire these days.

You went apple picking for the first time! You also ganged up with dada and lost me in the corn maze and drank the whole apple cider slushy which we were all supposed to share afterwards. You refused to let it go...you loved it so much.

Your grandpa (my dad) passed away this month on October 12. It's been pretty hard on mama, but seeing your face with your bright little eyes makes each passing day a whole lot easier.

You also got to see ALL your Sehstedt cousins and aunts and uncles in one place. No small feat.

You are a climber. A risk taker. A daredevil. You are so brave.

You can stack your blocks, and you clap every time you stack one on top of the other.

When you concentrate very hard, you bite your lower lip.

People keep telling me things like, "You have the most beautiful daughter."
"She is so precious."
"I always look forward to seeing what your daughter is wearing. She always looks so adorable."
"Do you sing in your family? She's got a set of lungs on her which means she'll probably be a good singer."
Mr. Dave in music class to you, "Thank you for dancing."

I am proud of you. Whatever you choose in this life, I will always be your proud mama.

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