Saturday, August 31, 2013

Waiting Room

I have been wanting to respond to all of your beautiful posts; but, I have been feeling weird.  And, none of the things I want to say are as joyous as the life events about which you have written.

I feel like we are in a "waiting room" of sorts.

We are still waiting for test results to more clearly define dad's prognosis.  I am grateful he is happy and comfortable.  I am grateful for the care he is receiving at the facility we moved him, five days ago. (But, still waiting, trying not to worry, praying)

I am still waiting for the right time to talk with mom about the hard stuff.  I have been waiting for a long time for her to begin healing.  I am so grateful to see her doing well.  It felt so good to be with her/near her/to talk to her, knowing that she was really listening. (Thank you, mom.  I miss you already)

I am still disappointed that I was sick when you were in labor.  I am glad that we got better quickly and could come and see 2-day-old Greta.  I love seeing you come into your own as a mother.  It's beautiful. (Enjoying the moments, I hope?  Waiting for the hard stuff to get easier?  It always does.)

I am looking forward to our homeschooling journey this year, more so than any other year.  I don't really know why.  I am just excited.  I feel like we are at the "brink" of some serious fun and learning.  We start our regular fall routine next week (we never really stop learning/school; but, we do relax a lot more in the summer).  Waiting to start (good waiting).

I have home and yard renovations on my mind.  No money yet; but, I have them on my mind.  Lol. (Waiting.  Patient waiting)

My boys and I are going to our family reunion tomorrow (for my husband's side).  But, my husband is on a fishing trip (waiting for him to come home).

I try not to put off little things that I want to get done.  It makes the "waiting" for the big stuff more bearable.
I love you, sister.  You were also worth the "wait".

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